We take pride in our Loretto family...day by day

Seventh Grade



Hello! I’m Ms. Kathleen Turner. When I think about my life two experiences greatly shaped who I am today. One experience was growing up on a ranch in Northeastern Oklahoma. The second experience was living and teaching with Carmelite Sisters. From the ranch, I learned a great deal about independence, self-reliance, and the care of all of God’s creatures. From the Sisters I learned the value of humbleness, sacrifice, and devotion.  God created us each as an individual with great purpose.

It is my greatest wish to help all of my students learn the value of hard work, love of learning, love of nature, and most importantly love of God. Due to my love of nature and animals my favorite subject to teach is science!  I enjoy instructing by encouraging students to develop critical thinking skills.

By students developing their critical thinking skills it makes them very adept problem solvers.  It is a difficult world and that is the beauty of a Catholic education… It prepares students to walk the path that God has set before them.  It is an honor for me to be a teacher in this school where I see so much purpose! Please feel free to contact me with any concerns at kturner@ourladyofloretto.org.


Miss Kathleen Turner