We take pride in our Loretto family...day by day

Principal's Message


 Welcome to Our Lady of Loretto Elementary School

Where we Take Pride in Our Loretto Family…Day by Day…


We are a Roman Catholic school in the Diocese of Los Angeles, serving students from Transitional Kindergarten through Eighth grade.  Our mission to provide a Christ-centered, academically excellent and safe school environment in which all children can achieve their maximum God-given potential is supported by a challenging curriculum that integrates state standards with the teachings of the Catholic Church.


Religious education is a priority, with prayer and worship a daily component of school life. The school is authentically Catholic, yet warmly welcomes students of all faith traditions. Teachers are highly qualified professionals and each models the belief that Christ is the reason for our school by nurturing the children in our care.


Here at Our Lady of Loretto we instill our School-wide Learning Expectations to all students to be:

  •   Active Christians
  •   Responsible Citizens
  •   Cooperative/Collaborative Workers
  •   Self-evaluators and Problem solvers
  •   Lifelong Learners


Our Faculty, Staff, and Students are encouraged to develop personal responsibility and contribute to the community in which they live through service to each other, their families, their parish, their school, and the community beyond school. The use of technology is an important aspect of our educational program. Teachers and students TK through 8th grade make use of our computer lab throughout the school day. Our campus is equipped with wireless network access to support meaningful and effective teaching and learning.


Our facilities demonstrate good stewardship by our community. Adjacent to Our Lady of Loretto Catholic Church, the campus also includes large classrooms with air-conditioning and heating system, a computer lab, science lab, library, auditorium, cafeteria, lunch pavilion area, upper/lower play areas, administrative offices, and a before and after school extended child care program.  Also, we have numerous extracurricular activities such as; altar serving, academic tutoring, art class, choir, multi-cultural dance, salsa club, karate, drill-team, and drama club.  We also, encourage parents to join us twice a week for Zumba classes in the evenings.


Financial aid and partial scholarships are available for qualified families. I personally invite you to stop by and visit our school.  Our Lady of Loretto Catholic School is where the traditions of our past… point the direction for our students’ future.


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at nbrito@ourladyofloretto.org.



Nivia Aldrete-Brito