We take pride in our Loretto family...day by day





Our Lady of Loretto Students are…


Active Christians who…
• have a basic knowledge of the teachings of the Church
• participate in shared liturgical celebrations
• promote Christian values- compassion, tolerance, justice, and respect for the dignity of
  life and other virtues exhibited by Jesus; the Virgin and the lives of saints
• serve and help others in their daily life
• have the ability to make good moral choices based on Catholic faith


Responsible Citizens who…
• take responsibility for their actions
• actively involved in the larger community
• understand the basic civic responsibilities of a citizen (voting, following community and
  parish rules, etc.)
• appreciate and understand our multi-cultural society
• resolve conflicts peacefully


Cooperative/ Collaborative Workers who…
• recognize differing points of view
• possess leadership abilities and make the most of them
• create and carry out effective goals with others
• know his/her community, civic, parish, school, family


Self-evaluators and Problem-solvers who…
• propose, set and work toward goals effectively
• appreciate accomplishment and strive to attain high standards
• think critically and produce quality results
• possess a strong sense of self
• work independently and collaboratively to create solutions


Lifelong Learners who…
• exhibit curiosity and enthusiasm for learning
• establish a strong foundation in the basics of all subjects
• make use of technology for learning and communication
• show an awareness and an appreciation for the arts
• develop a continuing curiosity for learning
• are self-starters and self-directing.