We take pride in our Loretto family...day by day



Volunteering at Our Lady of Loretto School is one of the great way to show your child that his/her education is very important to you. It is also a way to get to know the teachers, staff, other parents and students. Volunteering is crucial to the success of our school.  It's also part of our contract that states, each family will contribute hours (refer to your contract for required service hours) of volunteer time per school year.  Below you will find the many opportunities available to you.

Volunteer! Get Involved! Make a difference! Create the power of change! For those of you who would love make that change, we need your time, talents and passion in the following areas:


  1. Support our Fundraisers.
  2. Help in Classrooms such as classroom activities, field trips, parties. Talk to your teacher how you can help.
  3. At School - Talk to Mrs. Mendoza to see how you can earn service hours.
  4. Donations - Check our Donate page and see what you can provide to help our school. Every $10 of donations is equivalent to 1 service hour.
  5. PTO Activitites - There is a wide variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the school year. Information is sent via email and/or text. Everyone is encouraged to respond to sign up request and only those who sign up prior to the event will be given priority to volunteer.


The more help we get, the better future we can give to our students.


All Volunteers MUST be VIRTUS Certified and pass the LA Archdiocese Fingerprint requirements. Click Here for Fingerprint schedule.